SEO South-Africa

ClubAlpha doing things differently!

There is a saying if you keep on doing things the same way don’t expect different results

SEO South Africa

Let us look at some competitor pricing

SEO Campaigns starting at


Blog content creation

R1070-R7330 per Post!

Guest Posting


YouTube Video Creation R3000-R19000

Lite Linkbuilding low authority websites linking to you R920-R7600

Business Listings R2280-R8400

Domains Rating 15+ backlinks R3800-R13500

Website Rank Tracking R230-R5800

Local SEO integration R2280-R6000

These are not once of they are recurring to get you results.

Now I know some will say oh websites like fiver provide backlinks for R130. they don’t really…

let me explain Google is about the relevance of content joining content. now sites like fiver and similar websites post your links to random web pages. most of those websites are not even indexed so Google never even uses the data.

Now if they are indexed and the original web page was about cars and you get a backlink from there about your business Betty’s Cakes it will hurt your ranking as you will be penalized as being spammy and irrelevant. Thus decreasing your SEO score with Google algorithms bad backlinks don’t count they actually hurt your ranking.

Us on the other hand have complete control over our backlinks that we provide as it is websites we manage completely and thus we can really tailor relevance. and indexing. in fact, all our web content gets indexed by Google every 24 hours. if additional pages are added we upload the new sitemaps directly into Google making google aware that this is fresh content

We integrate both very well together to ensure looks and workmanship.

A professional looking website that incorporates your brand, user friendly to navigate. mobile-friendly build to Google’s webmaster criteria.

Thus giving you a much better chance of drawing new potential customers from search traffic.

We do backlink building a service that normally costs you tens of thousands a month we do it to strengthen our network of customers to ensure prosperity.

We build on WordPress using premium tools both in web design and in SEO performance because the only premium is good enough for us