Mega City Motor Scrapyard Roodepoort

Mega City Scrap Yard Roodepoort

Mega City Motor Scrapyard Roodepoort

Mega City Motor Scrap Yard in Roodepoort has been apart of the community for years.

they have various cars to strip parts of. all major brands. they also have a lot of complete engines that they are selling.

Mega City Motor Scrapyard also sells complete cars and have a busy park and sell.

If you have a car that you want to sell get in touch with them and your car will be sold promptly,

they only take 10% commission and negotiate you the best price true value for money

Mega City Motor Scrapyard is one of the largest Scrapyards in Roodepoort!

Mega City Motor Scrapyard Contact Details

Tell: 011 763 8145


Mega-City Motor Scrapyard Roodepoort 1
Mega-City Motor Scrapyard Roodepoort 2
Mega-City Motor Scrapyard Roodepoort 3
Mega-City Motor Scrapyard Roodepoort 4

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