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Kenny Dalton Hydraulics

I have personally worked with Kenny Dalton Hydraulics face to face I know the owner actually for a few years.

So I can personally recommend them not only because they have supported me but because of the trust I have built with them over the past few years.

They do things that I never even heard of I have spent a few days at the workshop and astonished how they work with such decent craftsmanship.

And the expert knowledge Kenny Dalton and his team have when it comes to the repairs and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders.

They did a complete rebuild of like an 8 Meter long hydraulic cylinder. do custom welding all major TLB manufacturers they repair things like transmissions power steering pumps and steering racks.

Any form of hydraulic cylinder you can think of chances are good that Kenny Dalton Hydraulics in Roodepoort can build you what you need. they are known for only providing you with the best work and has been doing so since 1996.

You can visit Kenny Dalton Hydraulics HERE

Phone them on: 0117631090

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Hydraulic cylinders work with hydraulics pressure from the hydraulic fluid inside of the cylinder.

The hydraulic fluid is provided to the hydraulic cylinder at a high compressed force. that is what makes a hydraulic cylinder so powerful to be able to lift multiple tons.

Some Hydraulic cylinder facts

Hydraulic cylinders comprised of four components:

a reservoir to hold the hydraulic fluid,

a hydraulic pump to deliver the hydraulic pressured fluid through the system,

a valve to monitor hydraulic pressure and flow,

and a cylinder that transfers the hydraulic fluid into actual energy.

Without the buildup of pressure, no power would be generated by the hydraulic cylinder system.

The oil contained in the system under intense pressure levels is what actually produces energy due to the force of the compression.

Cents and small rands are made on hydraulic presses.

Hydraulic energy comes in three types. There is pressure energy. Kinetic energy is the energy derived from moving liquids, and heat energy are otherwise known as friction.

All energy that is put into a hydraulic system must come out. This will either come out as work-gain or heat-loss.

Hydraulic systems do not create new energy. They simply transform existing energy into a different form

Hydraulic pressure is pushed into the hydraulic cylinder and not pulled

Hydraulic systems are made differently. There are two types – open center and closed center. Closed center systems operate a constant pressure with the varied flow, while open center systems operate a constant flow, but varied pressure.

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