Facebook Marketing South Africa

Initial Facebook Page number of Likes as of 2020/03/21


Facebook Marketing South Africa

So I am starting to showcase how I can grow your Facebook page and get you more likes.

I won't be using Facebook ads in the beginning because our page like number is still very low and creating ads for a low number of page likes won't result in a good growth rate for the money invested in the marketing thereof. So I will be focusing on content and involving my audience to see some organic growth first and then, later on, I will be going in for some Facebook ads to stimulate the growth and break some milestones. Also, I am not just focused on sales from the readers but I also give you insights and advice that is free for you to make use of but yes I will appreciate the business I get from this and you will naturally enjoy the results.

Focus points on gaining organic Facebook traffic will be regular posts about content. I am in the promotions and marketing field so I have content I can simply write about someone's business how I managed to improve their business and readers will find that entertaining and it will motivate interaction between my audience and my page generating me additional traffic and sales.

You have to talk about your brand in a way that captivates people's attentions knowing your brand and talking with enthusiasm about it. Not good at writing? We do writing as well!

So once you have some good gains in organic traffic and reach for your Facebook page you can consider Facebook promotions. that is why the content on your page is essential because people will visit your page and see you have interesting content and they will more likely like your page and become a true fan and even support your business.

Facebook does not just charge you on page likes butch reach the quality of your page will make the page likes lower in price and that is what you want. sorry for this jumping back to something I mentioned above "a low number of page likes won't result in a good growth rate" if you have hardly any Facebook page likes they will also not like your page easily as there is no presence of trust We can solve the like numbers out for you. so you don't have to wait months or years to get good organic traffic. but for this, I strongly advise that you have some content on your page. hell, you can send me a link to your page and I will give you my opinion about your content for free!

So in my form, you can specify your needs and we can get in touch to discuss solutions