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There is a saying if you keep on doing things the same way don’t expect different results

The internet is powered by content, Content lets a website become interactive and informative.

People love content and so does search engines.

We do content writing from R500 per 500 words or R100 per 100 words.

This includes research and keyword integration.

Why is website content so important?

We will be talking about why content writing is so vital to the success of a website

How website content makes you the expert and eventually drive more visitors and more business through your website. So when you’re thinking about why website content is so important, it’s because search engines feed on website content.

Search engines use the content on your website to differentiate your site from others, such as your competitors. When it comes to ranking them in search engine results.

Search engines have a challenge because more recently they are redefining themselves to make sure that people can find fresh, up-to-date content much easier.

If you take the example of someone searching for a specific football match, such as Manchester vs Chelsea. How does a search engine know that they want to find the most recent information on an upcoming game between Manchester and Chelsea or it might be about a classic game from five, ten, or fifteen years ago?

What you find nowadays is search engines more often than not, will get you the most up-to-date and current information about the most recent game that’s just been played or an upcoming game about to be played.

That’s because they realize customers want to find the most up-to-date information about a specific topic.

It’s the same when it comes to YOUR industry or your business.

So you need to provide the X-factor for the search engines, you need to provide the website content which is up to date.

Now when I mean up-to-date I am talking about content that has been published recently also content that is relevant to your current industry.

Websites have changed the way businesses operate. In the past, I am sure most of us have attended a business networking group and website content in a similar way.

If you attended a business networking group you would have noticed they tend to have expert speakers from various businesses who present to the group on a weekly or monthly basis.

Initially, when you go along to the business networking you are not really known by anyone or visible to anyone in that group because you’ve just started for the first time.

But the person who stands up and does their presentation is instantly visible by everybody in the group and instantly seen as an expert in their field.

It’s exactly the same when it comes to web site content.

If you have a website that has very little content, and content that is rarely updated then your website is basically invisible to the search engines, it’s invisible to potential customers.

If you start writing content on regular basis and publishing on your website, then your website becomes more visible and you are then seen by potential customers as an expert in your field. More content, more visibility, and ultimately more business.

You’re not going to see results straight away. This is something you do little by little and you build it up! The example is if you consider your website has got five pages on there and it’s not getting much traffic or many visitors. As soon as you have five hundred pages, you might still get the same number of visitors but suddenly they are spending more time on your website.

Google will recognize this which will improve your rankings so it will gain more visitors who spend even more time on your website.

It starts to have a snowball effect where eventually you hit Google number one and before you know it you’ve got a valuable asset for a business which is generating customers for you on a regular basis and all starts with website content.

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