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Every business owner wants a website that will live up to their dreams or a marketing campaign that will actually deliver on their expectations.

But they know it will surely break their bank account or they can’t even come to the amount they need to spend on that type of marketing, advertisement or whatever you’d like to call it.

Any big SEO/Digital Marketing agency will cripple you financially it’s like an unknown fact that a lot of businesses know.

Or they are simply too scared to attempt. Fearing for the failure of placing money and above all trust in someone to promote their business and the spark simply does not ignite the flame.

Corporate companies spend in excess of R200 Million a year in marketing and brand building.

If you Google for some professional work when it comes to web design you can expect to see prices in excess of R20000 per website and then they talk about SEO and you see that’s thousands a month as well!

Let’s break down what a website needs to monetize investments and show you why SEO is most of the time a monthly thing. Majority of web designers known none of the few things I will mention next. That’s why you simply do not get ranked and get no results from websites and promotions because in this market the majority of those designers know designing but no marketing.

These are all things we focus on that are said by Google that help websites rank



What do you know of website Security? The majority of people would not have a clue honestly.

We provide each and every website we design with lifetime free SSL as longs as you are in business with us fully managed or self-managed,

You are covered by FREE SSL.

What is SSL?

Google created a security protocol, that warns any user accessing a website via Google Search Engine if a website is not secured it will display a warning stating that the website is not trusted.

You will normally get a notification stating this website is not trusted.

Websites created by us will never let anyone who accesses your website be told that your website is not trusted.

We implement automatic https redirection so any form of your website being used will be redirected to the https (hypertext transfer protocol secure) to ensure its always making use of a secure connection.

SSL works not just as a warning flag but any data transfers taking place between your website and a user, all the data passed between them will be encrypted.

Lowering all risk of data transfers.

We have server-side security protecting against hacking attempts and any suspicious activity to ensure you never have viruses on your website, or getting slowed down due to spam.

Our platform also has a lot of security integrated as part of the web design.

So on Security, you are covered.

Mobile Web Design

Mobile Web Design

Ever went on a website with your phone and left because it was frustrating for you ? that means that the website was not optimized for mobile users.

Again an issue we never have as all our designs while being build is tested to see if it works on mobile screens, after this, we do a Google Mobile friendly test and address any issues we find there to ensure that mobile users are enabled to make easy use of the website.

Maybe you are thinking of your self no big deal people can use computers and the website will be fine there. Since 2018 the amount of mobile devices for internet usage has overtaken Computer users. So Google made another rule if a website is not mobile-friendly it will not be shown on Google because Google is very much focused on user experience so a website that is not mobile-friendly will get nothing from Google.

Relax we have you covered.



What does speed have to do with a website? Surveys shown that a website that takes to long to load will result in users leaving the website.

which will create a very big bounce rate.

A bounce rate is when someone leaves your website shortly after clicking the link to it. Google uses this as a measure to review the quality of websites and relevance if someone does not spend time on your website they will leave and Google will rate your website weaker.

We use Google Page Speed Insights to grade the performance factor. Our web hosting platform is state of the art so we know that we are covered but weak optimized data markup structure can still even slow a website by us down to rank bad on Google Page Speed Insights.

So we monitor that also and pay special attention to performing factors to ensure we get the best results out that we can get. We look at page speed for Computers and page speed for mobile as well and focus on both to get into Google Criteria.

Obviously our plans differ when it comes to page speed ranking as it is very time-consuming so naturally a more expensive plan will have better performance.

Business Marketing 1

Social Media

I regret to say this but yes Social Media has become a contributing factor to websites ranking better driving more traffic and generating sales.

Three Biggest are Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter,

Facebook paid marketing I have seen out of experience doing adds you're going to spend about R2000 on growing your new page with 100 fans but again,

We can assist you with Social Media growth. We grew our Facebook page with around 400 fans in a week. The fact of the matter is a page does not get a lot of likes when it's new and the number of fans is low but we have devised a plan to counter that and ensure your marketing on Facebook will get results instead of just being a waste of money.



The term people hate because it reminds them of being expensive a term we love because we understand it. SEO is basically the criteria that Google and other search engines are using to display websites based on keywords being used by a person to make a google search.

Let's make an SEO example

Google car for sale

Tons and tons of results are displayed this means it’s a very competitive keyword which means it's difficult to rank for. Keyword and business categories will have different amounts of marketing required to get them ranking in the top 10 of Google Seach Engine results.

Car for sale

Your keyword focus on your web page will then obviously be “Car for sale” so we will have to display this in varies forms to indicate to Google listen here this website is also relevant to “Car for Sale” search So we will do tiles and keywords on software we use for SEO and we will have a ratio of the content containing this keyword or relevant to this for example “motor vehicle for sale” so now we done a good job of website SEO the content is done and the markup is done on the SEO.

Now other websites did exactly the same… that is where most people then don’t have a clue how to compete and why that website is ranking top 10 and yours is not. As I said there are a lot of extra contributing factors to Google than simply the SEO . all of the above will have an impact directly on your listing that’s why we make sure to do that also perfectly. Google will use references from Facebook and other platforms to look and see if you are more relevant. Another big massive enormous factor is backlinks. Basically another website that links to your website giving you a vote of confidence. We do that also every person who does business with us we will have them on our website with a backlink. But we also work on backlink building.

To make this to be of more sense. Let's say you need additionally on top of all of this 280 backlinks for Google to say okay your website is good enough for it to become a top 10 website for this search phrase we can do that! We are well connected and one of our services is just this link building giving you the websites linking to you to push your SEO strong enough to reach the first page.

We also make use of Keyword play and see if we can rank you on similar search queries.

SEO is mostly a monthly thing because of new content creation and the implementation of keywords and back linking to each and every page