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ClubAlpha doing things differently!

There is a saying if you keep on doing things the same way don’t expect different results

Its Never to Late to Get on The correct Bus

It’s a tech-savvy world and the internet revolution has taken the world by storm the Internet has seen some unprecedented penetration all across the world and people have already started to reap its impending benefits.

Websites have started to mushroom across all categories and are giving people a never-before opportunity to sit at home in pajamas and browse for their liked products and services and order it even in the dead of night.

Offline business owners have already started to feel the heat of online shopping boom and even they have started to opt for an online presence in the form of an e-commerce website showcasing their products and accepting orders 24/7 even when they are asleep and shops are shut.

Our Web Design is unique. We do not use premade templates.

If you had to purchase our web design software it works out to R800 per year for a single website.

That ensures our web designing is of premium quality.

Everything gets designed from scratch. our websites are hosted on raid 10 solid-state hard drives running cloudlinux to ensure performance safety and reliability.

All websites we design are hosted by us to ensure we are in control of factors like speed and updates.

Our customers can focus on things other than their websites.

As it will always be up to date and optimized for best performance and security.

As well as being strategically used for the best search engine optimization results.

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Sell Your Goods and Services

Viral Sales

Introducing our very own classified website. with a twist.

Viral sales make your advertising go viral!

Viral sales allow people all over the world to advertise all over the world. generic and specified ads to your needs. if we do not cater for you request something and we will gladly look into it and add it so that you can have an advertising piece of the pie

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For starters, it’s free and will remain free as long as we can keep it free. a business directory is normally a paid platform but we have added it to our services as a value-added service