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Online Business Promotions in South Africa

Why Every Small Business Needs a Website

Why a small business needs a website

Why every business requires a website more than ever.

Our current market is going to be aggressive business versus business.

Competition is good for consumers not for businesses. Every business has taken

a financial knock, and now should sell for less just to do stock turns or cover


Look at it this way.

Option A:

Selling for lower burning money in promotions to existing customers and

trying to close every hole this way.

Less profit… How does business work? Supply and Demand?Manufactures you buy your goods at will have a big demand from other

businesses like yours…This means on old stock selling it cheaper to turn up revenue, you will

be spending more on replenishment.Take note rand to dollar exchange rate went up and this will have an

enormous impact on replenishment of imported stock. This will be contributing

more to the damaged market.

So in option A will you really show any profit at all? As this is a

point a lot of small businesses will not take into account

Option B: Focus on online marketing and generate new customers with

online promotions. Showing people you are fully stocked up and ready for them

to buy by you.

Not lowering your prices to boost sales volume but instead taking smart

marketing actions and recovering more efficiently from this lockdown.

Option B Sounds better? Get in touch with us.

In the past people used things like yellow pages to look for businesses.

So a website did not matter back in the good old days.

It certainly matters now!

You need a website today to inform the public and get their attention

focusing on you, and to promote your businesses awareness. You are losing

business because not enough people know of your business.

Stupid simple example.

You sell cake but you don’t have a website and this is what happens…

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Get a website for your business that is done professionally and that

becomes an asset to your business. Let us focus on your web design and proper

marketing thereof so that you can focus on your business and let a website aid youin your success.

You have businesses that services or products might be inferior compared to yours. This will even out the table. Not just you deserve it but theconsumers also deserves a better service or product. It’s all about delivering on consumer expectation.

More advantages of a website include these pleasing factors.

It does increase your public profile (making people aware of your endeavours).

It gives people the opportunity to find a business like yours that they have been looking for.

You have better control about information you want to give the public.

Play with different types of marketing strategies to see what works for you.

Illustrate how your business is growing such as a before and after,people love progress.

It can drive new sales.

It can show people that you do other products or services they would also be interested in!

Also, your website is going to be your best employee.

It's going to be marketing while you're sleeping.

It's never going to call in sick.

So a simple answer is:You get customers you never would have had if you did not have a website.

And what business does not want more customers? More sales? More profit?

Make a wise investment and get your website designed by us and Search Engine Optimized. Do it correctly and make it count! Everything we do is done point for point we do not use generation of whatever sort. We do search and tailor designs.

We aim to rocket small businesses into space with our online business promotions.

We cover you digitally, and we are working overtime to cover more of the digital marketing world.

Go do your self a favor. lookup the costs of professional web designing it ranges from R4500-R50000+ those that stateless are probably not that "professional" I might be wrong of course, but again I could be right?

Every small business needs to have a website. Although it's better not to have a website if the website does not generate you, potential customers.

Yes, more than 90% of all websites created on the internet serve no purpose to the individual or company it belongs to, sad truth!

So odds are you're going to pay someone to design you a website and it won't assist your business what so ever. A lot of people extort the situation when it comes to knowledge. people are less likely to purchase something if they really do know the truthful pros and cons.

So let me start to show you what it's all about I am writing this on 2020 21st of March. This website has zero traffic this is the first page I am posting I will show you audit results, Page speed results and for fun my Facebook Page number of likes to showcase how this all works for the people who want to see the proof.

I have zero backlinks which are a huge contributing factor to Google Search Results.

I have a rather well SEO score but again from the word go I start to build my entire design around SEO because I advertise it as a service to earn money from it so I must showcase my own abilities.

Page speed is also not too bad but it will be much better soon also considering I use a very good website host which I will also discuss with you later on.

Usability is also rather good if you're reading this on a computer or a phone I am sure it's rendering well but still, there is room for improvement.

Social I have only so far created a Facebook page well its a Facebook page I had so my social media is low at the moment but all part of the illustration to show what I can do for your business with marketing.

Security is also not bad but its actually better than the audit result shows.

I will update on a weekly basis to show progress and show you in real-time how I can build your brand upwards for you and rocket your promotions online.

The purpose of this is to help businesses and this website https://clubalpha.co.za will be used as a marketing tool, it will generate traffic loads of it and the nice part about this is. When you let me build your brand I will write an article on my website about your website and what you do. that's free additional marketing for you for FREE just because you support my business I return the favor.

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seo audit
Google Page Speed test

More About Club Alpha Business Promotions

I have been creating websites for about 6 years in my process I have started to play around with SEO and marketing and found that it's so expensive to make use of an SEO agency to help you grow with traffic.

A bit of my background I was 7 years in retail and I was a brilliant salesman. after-sales I went into business management and lifted the business I was managing with about R200000 sales within two months. Because I knew how to do marketing and how to keep customers and get customers to buy more. So I am taking my physical work that iv done and I am mixing it with my knowledge of web design SEO and marketing strategies to deliver an affordable gateway for small to medium-sized businesses to prosper. I am actually starting this all from scratch to showcase how a brand is a build and the amount of time it takes to yield results.

Let me do a break down for you on what marketing costs.

Google Adsense R3700-R17000 per month

Agencies will start at around R30000 per month because they develop your ads for Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense? have you seen on top of a Google search the top mentions shows add next to them those are Google Adsense

The pros of Google Adsense: You are shown almost immediately as soon as you start to use Google Adsense.

The cons of Google Adsense:

If your add is not correctly made with keywords and content you will get the wrong type of audience and generate no sales.

Referring to keywords and content that is why most companies then make use of an Adsense agency to do their ads. Agency's love this as they pocket thousands a month from working maybe 2 hours? Google Also loves it because now you are paying them to show your content.

It costs a ton of money its not just R3700-R17000 if you get it right on keywords and content. You pay a bidding fee number 1 add pays more than number 2 add. every time someone clicks on your add you pay Google a bid amount this is known as PPC marketing or pay per click. ZERO guarantees on sales 100% Guarantee you still pay.

If you stop using Google Adsense your website has no ranking you will not show up on searches.

70% of Google users do not click on ads but rather on the other first page results.

Our solution web design with correct SEO and link building. this is cheaper and yields long term results this is known as organic traffic.

Cons your website does not show up on Google Search immediately but rather over time.

But when it gets to the top it will stay there because it's not synthetic the natural quality that will keep it there.

Backlinks cost thousands we start selling them at a few hundred rands 🙂

We cover much more on marketing but this should give you a good idea